Try our delicious low-carb, gluten-free recipes for healthy eating.


Low Carb Treats

sorbet We're featuring low-carb sugar-free gluten-free desserts and beverages. Try our amazing recipes for frozen desserts. Or for refreshing beverages that no one would think are actually good for you. Or use our products to stretch a small amount of low-carb fruit into satisfying treats, such as our easy Strawberry Dessert.



Use Wise CHOice Pudding Mix to make what may well be the easiest Sabayon. It's an elegant too-fluffy-to-call-pudding dessert which can be served by itself but is often used as a topping for fruit. It usually requires a lot of work, but our recipe doesn't.



Try refreshing Raspberry Sorbet. The secret is our Wise CHOice Frozen Dessert Mix which makes ice cream and sorbet taste-alikes. We can't call them ice cream or sorbet because they aren't churned while being frozen -- just whipped up and popped in the freezer. So you don't need special equipment or even much time (except for being patient while you wait for them to freeze). And ours can be made without carbs, whether from sugar or, as some no-sugar-added desserts have, lots of fruit.



Bonus Recipe: Sugar-free Pina Colada

Here's how to make a delicious pina colada that's actually good for you. It is not only sugar-free and low in fat, but it gives you fiber and even some healthy buttermilk. Make it non-alcoholic with rum extract, or use the real thing.

All recipes are low-carb and gluten-free. Most offer dairy-free options or can be made with a non-dairy substitute.